Welcome to Questic Contracting.

We like building things that people like to use and kids like to play with. This is why we build playgrounds, spray parks and just about anything that you would find in a community park, school playground or another recreational facility.

We love it when things look great and work well so we pride ourselves in doing things right and building them to last. You will find us building parks in Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and in the Northwest Territories and Yukon Territories.

What makes us different? We do it all.

We know that most projects that involve a playground, spray park, or park development have a lot of small pieces that need to fit together to make one successful project.

Every project we do seems to have some excavation, concrete work, steel assembly, carpentry, crane lifts, grading and landscaping. Spray parks have the added complexity of electrical, plumbing, sanitary work, engineering and permitting and it is difficult for landscape architect firms, community groups or recreation managers to manage all these pieces effectively. Because we do all of them with our own staff we can efficiently carry out a project and our customers can avoid the headache associated with coordinating each part separately.

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